<!--:en-->Himmapan<!--:--><!--:th-->ป่าหิมพานต์ <!--:--> Himmapan forest is believed to be located on Mount Himalaya in Indian subcontinent with 9,000 league which consist of 7 large ponds Anodard, Kunnamunta, Rosakala, Chattunta, Kunala, Muntakinee and Srihunpata. Himmapan forest is filled with unfamiliar various kind of animals and plant. Himmapan forest is used as the location in many Thai literature. Phra Suthon – Manora is one of well known Thai literature which the story happened in Himmapan. Phra Suthon – Manora was written in Ayutthaya period but an author’s name was not exactly known. This literature is originally from “Panyasachadok” which is known as “Suthonchadok” then became the play named “Nang Manora”. The main characters appearing in this play are as following:

Thep Kinnaree

is one of the loveliest of the Himmapan beings. Described as a beautiful half-woman, half swan, with the head and torso of a woman yet below the delicately tapered waist she has the body, tail and legs of a swan. Kinnaree also has human arms and the wings of a swan. While the Kinnaree has a male counterpart (the Kinnara or Kinna Norn) and is similar in form. The Kinnaree is renowned for her excellence in singing, dancing and her graceful form is often seen in sculpture, traditional architectures, and temple murals.

Khon Tun

is a magical being that lives between the human world and the heaven, in the Himmapan forest. This race of creature is said to be very musical in nature. They are very keen on virtually all sorts of musical instruments. There are many places in old text and literature which mentioned Khon Tun.
Vittayathorn (Angel musician) is one such magician living in Himmapan. Vittayathorn means people with sciences. Vittayathorn has 18 fields of knowledge such as Medicine, Science. Ability to fly and use the magic to show their supernatural power. The way they dressed is like an angle but they are wrapped with cloth same as hermit. Vittayathorn, as seen in the painting, usually holds creese as weapon.
Makkareepon or Nareepon is a kind of plant which can be found in Himmapan forest, bear beautiful ladies in elegant shapes with beautiful skin as fruit. Their heads attached to branches. When these fruits are ripe, they are needed among men. The man who got her will take her to his place and really take good care of. However, fruits of Makkareepon can live only 7 days. Besides, these charming fruits were used for mental training of hermit.
In the present time, Himmapan forest and animals can be found in religious places especially, in temples. Thai temples that provides information about Himmapan are as follow:   Emerald Buddha Temple and The grand palace various kind of Himmapan’s animals exist here in metal figure, sculpture and mural painting National Museum Himmapan’s amimals can be seen in the windows and doors in this museum. Phrachetuponvimonmungklaram or Wat Pho is the temple where situated mural painting that present the Himmapan’s animals. The ancient city is like a big museum on the open space. Filled with knowledge about Thailand art and culture.


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