As we have known that the ASEAN Declaration has been effective since 2009. All 10 countries of ASEAN also pushed to accelerate the cooperation of trade and investment will be promoted for entering of ASEAN Community that will happen on January 1, 2015 under the motto of “One Vision, One Identity, One Community” which is the integration of 10 member countries become as the “ONE COUNTRY”.

With regard to their cooperation, this may have the effect of reducing tariffs and non-tariff barriers to expand commerce and grow the economy that rises in the international trade. Their trade also requires greater transportation services for education, occupation, and tourism that have never happened before. As Thailand has great potential as a major center in the regional economy which can become the major hub in Southeast Asia for the Transportation, International Exhibition, Distribution Center, Tourism, including the hub of Medical and Healthcare Service.

As you can probably notice, ASEAN Framework Agreement on Trade in Services (AFAS) in ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) occurs at exactly the same time with the people’s behavior change through global information technology. By 2014, mobile internet users will overtake desktop internet users because more people move away from the desktop and into Smartphone usage for social networking, online community, E-banking, Surfing the Internet, Shopping, and others services. The Smartphone is the tool for a greater share of overall time spent with the internet that is the main beneficiaries of this trend.

To respond promptly support towards the new era of ASEAN with the people’s behavior of this trend, MOME Enterprise Co.,Ltd. has created the server system and operating system for Mobile Web Application and Special Add-ons that can support with many businesses and government agencies around the world, including user interface design that optimized user experience on mobile devices.

At MOME, we proudly present the ASEAN identity to the world through our information technology system on your Smartphone. We have acted promptly to develop our services and supports in order to offer the customer benefit and satisfaction which gives you the freedom to fully express your vision towards every corner of the Southeast Asian countries within seconds.

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