[:en]Ramayana[:th]รามเกียรติ์[:] Ramayana is one of the well known Thai literature which came from Indian literature in Sanskrit language for almost 2,400 years. This writing widespread to neighboring countries and has been adjusted to culture of each country and then became a national literature. In Thailand, Ramayana was played as a movie and masked from the Ayutthaya period. After that in the period of Thonburi, Ramayana was written by King Taksin for the royal play. When in Rattanakosin period, the origin of Ramayana was completely gathered by King Rama I. Since then, Ramayana was used in Thai dance performances, especially in masked ballet. There are many characters in Ramayana, both angel and devil. The main characters are as following: Rama is incarnation of Narayana with green body, ability to appear with four hands. Holding magical arrow received from God Siva as personal weapon.รามเกียรติ์ เป็นวรรณคดีสำคัญเรื่องหนึ่งของไทย โดยมีที่มาจากวรรณคดีอินเดียเรื่องรามยณะ ที่แต่งขึ้นเป็นภาษาสันสกฤตเมื่อประมาณ <span style="font-family: Times New Roman,serif;">2,400 </span>ปีมาแล้ว และได้แพร่หลายไปยังประเทศใกล้เคียงและได้ถูกปรับเปลี่ยนเนื้อหาให้สอดคล้องกับวัฒนธรรมของประเทศนั้นจนกลายเป็นวรรณคดีประจำชาติไป<!--more-->

Nang Sida

is the wife of Rama, who incarnates to be Rama's soul mate. She is taken in a floating casket by her father, Ravana as believed that she would bring bad luck. Then, she is found and adopted by the hermit and is buried in the ground under the care of Mother Earth. 16 years later, she is awaken by the hermit and taken to Mithilha in the national ceremony to find her partner. In the end, Rama is the one she marry.


is the king of Longka. He has green body, ten faces, twenty hands with the victory crown. His mounth is swollen and his eye is wide. No one can conquer his life because Ravana take his heart off in the box with the hermit who is his professor. Although Ravana have got many concubines, he steals Nang Sida from Rama. That causes the war between he and Rama also the dead of Ravana's relative. Finally he is killed to dead by Rama. [photo credit : ARTIFILE ]


is an ape with white body. Having snake's fangs and earring in the middle palette is his characteristic. Ability to show the supernatural power to have four faces and eight hands. The stars and moon flow from his mount when he is yawning. Tri Petch is his personal weapon. Moreover, Hanuman is immortal. Although killed by the opposite, he can recover when the wind blowing against. [photo credit : ARTIFILE ]


has pale-purple skin. He likes learning all kind of subjects from the hermit. His weapon is a pipe that can control the troops to be under his spell. He can also keep his heart away. Ramayana is the important literature in Thailand with interesting scenarios and pleasingly rhythm of poem that reflects Thai teachings and viewpoints throughout story. Moreover, Ramayana is a valuable Thai literature that conserve dancing art with Thai society for a long time.


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